Free people of the world

Free people of the world, please hear our cry and give us your helping hand!

This letter is written by two citizens of the planet and two beings of the human society, namely Raheleh and Mahmonir Iranpour, to seek help from human rights organizations.

It has been thirteen years since our brothers, Mohammad Reza and Ahmad Reza Iranpour, were kidnapped in Turkey by Rajavi cult’s kidnappers and taken to Iraq. It has been thirteen years that our [and other families’] continuous efforts to visit our brothers without intervention and presence of MKO members have gone in vain.

We kindly demand the free people of the world who are making efforts to save the humanity to help us and provide us a situation where we can have a face-to-face visit with our dear ones without the presence of MKO members and in presence of Iraqi government representatives or international organizations officials.

We seek help from all international communities and organizations who claim to defend human rights and also from all free people around the world. Iraq is an insecure country and there is a fear that Camp Liberty might be attacked as it was in the past. Our brothers’ lives (Mohammad Reza and Ahmad Reza) are at stake and we demand that they be transferred to a safe country.

Many thanks and regards,

Raheleh and Mahmonir Iranpour

January 26, 2016 – Baghdad

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