Thousands of citizens of Diyala Province called for MKO expulsion

Alsumaria News,
Diyala, Iraq, 
February 19 2011
Translated by Nejat Society

Thousands of citizens of Diyala Province, Iraq, called for expulsion of Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, MeK, Rajavi cult) from Iraq. They also called on trial for the group leaders.

On Friday February18, 2011, thousands of protestors appealed Iraqi judiciary to punish criminal leaders of MKO.

A protestor who was one of the organizers of the demonstration, Habar Al Amuri told Al Sumaria News: "this morning, thousands of Diyala citizens protested against presence of MKO in their territory. They gathered in front of gates of Camp of New Iraq (formerly Ashraf), the organization’s base in Iraq. They asked the government to expel the organization from Iraqi soil."

He notified that the group was the source of a lot of grieves and violence against Diyala citizens.
A demonstrator, Hassan Al Rabiee expressed his opposition towards MKO’s presence in Iraq:"How late will Iraqi government ignore people’s request? Why haven’t they expelled an organization which is guilty for killing innocent people, yet?"

"The protests will continue until the group is expelled ", he warned the government.


تظاهرة في ديالى للمطالبة بإخراج مجاهدي خلق من المحافظة ومحاسبة قادتها

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