Interviews of Ms Batul Soltani with Sahar Family Foundation in Baghdad








Sahar Family Foundation made a series of interviews with Ms Batul Soltani, former member of the leadership council of MKO (Rajavi cult), throughout 2007 till 2009 in Baghdad.

These interviews are made in three series which contain worthy materials relating MKO and its internal relationships. They are definitely unique in their kind and are considered as part of Iran’s oral history which holds several lessons and experiences.

Interviews of Ms Soltani are made in three series:

1. Memoirs of Ms Soltani which contains her experiences during about two decades of her presence in MKO as a member.
2. Interviews made under the title of the cultic garrisons of Ashraf in Iraq and Maryam in Paris and their similarities and applications.
3. Interviews made under the title of self immolations and suicide operations inside the Rajavi cult as an example of cultic behavior and mind manipulation.

These interviews have been voice recorded first and then transformed into text. These interviews have also been translated form Farsi into Arabic and English.

We would like to thank Ms Soltani and all those who made their efforts in this regards.

An interview with Batool Soltani on MKO self-immolations

Memoirs of Ms. Batoul Soltani

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