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What is to be done?

One humanitarian issue which the international humanitarian and human rights organizations unfortunately totally ignore, of course for political interests, is the situation of former MEK (Mojahedin-e Khalq,Rajavi Cult) members in Albania.

Letter of Sahar Family Foundation to Jane Holl Lute

The daily and weekly psychological manipulation sessions of brainwashing and indoctrination of cultic thoughts are carried out even more severely than before, and in the meantime the interviews with the UNHCR have been stopped and the camp…

Letter of SFF executive committee to Ms. Elaham Fardipour

Ms. Faridipour We do not know how we can inform you about the contents of this letter, as there is no means to contact trapped members inside cultic Ashraf garrison. The leaders of the Rajavi cult do not let you go to the hospital in…

A word with the viewers

We have one just demand on the base of the rights of individual. The members of MKO in the Ashraf garrison must have the right to have contact with the outside world and with their relatives.