Statement of Mah Monir and Rahele Iran Pour

In the name of God

To the freedom loving people of the world

This is the complaining voice of two sisters. Please help us. We are Rahele and Mah Monir Iran Pour. We have come to Iraq to meet our brothers Ahmad Reza and Mohammad Reza Iran Pour along with some other families whose children and our brothers have been trapped in Liberty Camp. Now we are in Baghdad. We were kept 4 hours behind the gates of Liberty Camp yesterday by UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Iraq and Iraqi government in order to appease to unjustly call of MKO (Rajavi cult). They did not let us go even to a few hundred meters of our loved children in this camp.

Freedom loving people of the world! It is worth knowing that international organizations such as UN who claim for so called freedom did not ever bother themselves to get off their cars or even pulling down the windows of their cars and listen to what we had to say.

The world must know these organizations who claim for freedom. They are violating the rights of human rights more than the others. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Iraq did not let us have a meeting with them even for a few minutes and did not take over our letters. This commissioner and UN acted against the article number six of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our meeting with our family members was the first right of human right that UNHCR and UN deprived us from it.

Sending letters to our family members was the first human right that UNHCR and UN deprived us from. They did it for helping the Rajavi cult (MKO) and did not let us send our letters to our children who are in the captivity of the organization.

Please help us the world hear our voice of complaint. Make the so called organizations that claim for human right, respect our humanitarian rights.

Rahele and Mah Monir Iran Pour
Baghdad, 28 January 2016

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